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Solutions for your Tax and Financial needs

Filing your tax returns does not have to be a stressful, complicated process.  With Tax Solutions 1000 at your service, the proper solutions for your tax problems will be utilized, and the best long term strategy for your taxes will be developed.

Tax Solutions in the modern world

Our experts at Tax Solutions 1000 can help everyone with their tax returns, and can offer solutions to otherwise intimidating tax challenges such as:

Year round tax services 

Our tax experts at Tax Solutions 1000 can help you stay on top of your tax and financial goals with comprehensive YEAR ROUND service.  The benefits to year round tax planning are numerous to everyone, from small business owners to members of the armed forces.

Complimentary tax return reviews

According to the IRS here, there was over $1 billion dollars in unclaimed refunds for tax year 2008.  The window to claim any additional refund through a complimentary review for that tax year has closed, but 2011, 2012, 2013 are still available.

There are several reasons why a tax return should be reviewed:

  • If your tax return was done in early February any time in April at a tax chain, that is the crunch time for those tax agents. In the pressure and haste that agent may have missed a valuable deduction or credit.
  • If your taxes were completed by tax software anytime, but especially before late February, the software updates to correct bugs and glitches may not have been installed at that time.  A review of your tax return will check for its accuracy and ensure that you will not receive a letter from the IRS a few years later.
  • Finally, its a free complimentary review.  You have nothing to lose and at the least you gain confidence that your tax return is accurate and settled.  At best you can be receiving an additional large refund.


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