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Strategic Tax Services, Inc.

  • We are licensed and bonded in California, but 90% of our business is done via the web, engaging our clients through emails, faxes and telephone. This means you can have your return prepared from your home, office or just about any where in the world, eliminating that tax office visit. We have a client acknowledgment system, meaning that starting from the first contact we assign a client number and start generating a client status reports, keeping you informed of the status of your return.
  • We focus on the accurate filing of Individual tax returns and proactively provide tax planning advice; we do not sell investments (IRA’s), insurance or mortgages. We also analyze prior year returns for accuracy and potential tax savings. We are also available year round to answer questions, address issues and render advice, and provide year round tax planning packages.
  • We are a tax preparation company comprised of tax professionals who specialize in complex tax areas:  Federal and State Military issues, Complex and General State issue involving multiple states, part-year and non-resident state issues. Our professionals have over thirty years of experience in these areas.

Everyone should use our services, including but not limited to:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Realtors
  • Military Personnel
  • People who work in multiple states
  • People who have moved from one state to another
  • People who own rental property
  • People who bought or sold real estate
  • People with outstanding tax issues/problems which need to be resolved

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