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Common Taxpayer Misconceptions

Here is a list compiled by the National Association of Enrolled agents on the most common taxpayer misconceptions that lead to serious tax consequences. Many tax preparers would find these humorous. “My uncle has a foreign bank account and I’m also a signer on it – but he owns the account. I don’t have to [...]

Tax Timing Tips

Even with the Fiscal cliff deals and the sequester throwing some curve balls at the IRS, the vast majority of forms people use to file are ready.  Some early filers may have had to wait, but most were not impacted In “tax season” there are two big peaks of activity.  The first half of February when most [...]

Tax solution for after filing an extension

Do you need to worry? Relax, the tax filing deadline passed and you are good-you filed an extension. You took the time to compute a “good faith estimate” of your liability based on the information available to you, just as the IRS requires-correct? Here is an example of a worry-free extension: You spend hours computing [...]

Tax day in 9 days.

Hello Taxpayers, In these tight economic times, a tax refund can be the difference between scrapping along and getting a leg up. Since you may already be planning on what to spend the refund on,  let me remove the mystery of exactly when that refund will come in. If you e-filed today, you can expect your federal [...]