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    Realtor alert -Paying too much tax?   If your businesses net income is greater than $30,000 per year, we can show you how to save $3,000 or more in taxes for each tax year! Do not wait and pay more than you should. Contact us for details!   Tax issues solved-Affordable tax resolution [...]

Common Taxpayer Misconceptions

Here is a list compiled by the National Association of Enrolled agents on the most common taxpayer misconceptions that lead to serious tax consequences. Many tax preparers would find these humorous. “My uncle has a foreign bank account and I’m also a signer on it – but he owns the account. I don’t have to [...]

Value of Enrolled Agents

Here is a common misconception: that all tax return preparers are federally licensed. Even CPA’s and most tax attorneys are licensed by their state, restricting the scope of who they can represent.  Enrolled agents can represent clients from anywhere in the U.S.A. and in many cases beyond. Many states have no special licensing laws for [...]

We fix tax returns!

  Help with letters from the IRS-don’t hide! Let us work with the IRS for you. Still need to file for this year or a prior year? We can do that. Forgot something on your return, we can help you amend. Is your refund not what you expected or did you owe tax? We can [...]