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Multiple state tax stress

There are those brave people who routinely work across many states.  Pilots, traveling nurses, truckers, military personal stationed out of their home of record to name a few.  Some people are more stationary, but have property in different states.  Many people have just moved across state lines for work or other reasons. The result for most is similar stories of state [...]

Tax Time Deadlines!

Hi all, Its tax season, and you may be ready to file. It depends on if you have received your tax information of course. Here are some deadlines that companies and financial institutions have on sending out those forms, as well as deadlines for individuals filing: January 31: Deadline for employers to mail out Form W-2 and for businesses to [...]

Filing taxes after the deadline!

If you you weren’t able to file by the extended tax deadline, here are solutions to some of your questions to help you figure out what to do. I missed the tax deadline. Should I still file? Yes, you should still file your taxes as soon as possible. How should I file my taxes? IRS e-file is [...]

Tax solution for after filing an extension

Do you need to worry? Relax, the tax filing deadline passed and you are good-you filed an extension. You took the time to compute a “good faith estimate” of your liability based on the information available to you, just as the IRS requires-correct? Here is an example of a worry-free extension: You spend hours computing [...]

Tax Solutions for filing a late tax return

  If you have missed the tax filing deadline several things can happen. If you are receiving a refund, in most cases you won’t be subject to penalties. Unless you are 100% sure of a refund, you need get your return prepared as soon as possible, just in case you might owe taxes. If you [...]