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Tax Season has officially started!

Similar to the surge of political ads before an election, many have noticed an uptick in the number of tax preparation ads that have been on TV, the radio, in the mail and of course on the internet.   Tax season has officially begun. While taxes can be mailed in starting January 1, most people [...]


Our hearts go out to all those in Boston, having to deal with the recent traumatic events that happened.  As it happened on April 15th, the IRS is giving an automatic 3 month extension to file and pay to anyone living in Suffolk county.  Victims, families, first responders and anyone else affected that live outside of Suffolk county can [...]

Look out! There are Tax scams!

Wherever there is money involved, there will be scam artist trying to take it.  The top tax scams are based in identity theft, and usually combined with tax fraud, reporting fraudulent information to maximize credits and inflate refunds. The IRS has a special section on its website dedicated to identity theft issues, including YouTube videos, tips for taxpayers and an assistance [...]

The Importance of E-filing

Another installment of tax anecdote Friday:  The story of the stubborn non e-flier. This is the story of one particular engineer, whom has granted me permission to share his adventure. Lets call him Joe to protect his identity. Joe is very wary of the internet, and so will mail his taxes in, after filing out the paper forms by [...]

Retirement plans and your taxes

Many people save for the future in a savings account, a CD, investment property such as real estate or stocks.  Another available avenue for savings are retirement plans, such as the more popular ones listed below.  These can have tax saving benefits in this current tax year or in the year the income is distributed back [...]