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The Real Estate Exchange Resource System

Tax professionals working with a Real Estate broker guiding investors using tax deferred exchanges to achieve long investment term goals! Contact us now at (619) 807-7293 to start growing your Wealth!


  • Investing Tips

    • Have a plan: Pick your investment model, and then find property to match that:
      • First Time Investor
      • Currently Owns Rental House(s)
      • Currently Owns Rental Units
      • End game plans
    • View real estate as a long term investment: Real estate investing is not a “get rich quick scheme”, it is a long term investment via 1031 Exchanges.
    • Have the right team: You need good relationships a real estate broker, lender, property manager, property inspector and a tax professional.
    • Buy at the right price: You make your money when you buy at the right time.
    • Due Diligence: Investigate everything; cash flow, rents, type of tenants, and condition of property-This is where your team pays off.
    • Have an end plan/goal:As in the first tip, you need a plan:
      • Trading up
      • Cashing out
      • Trading down
      • Retirement

Contact us now at (619) 807-7293 to learn how to grow your wealth tax deferred with real estate investment.

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