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Customers, now.

We know that what’s now for customers is what’s next for brands. We’re tapping into customers’ lives, in real-time, to understand what’s shifting, and give you confidence in the moves to make next. To find out more about our real-time connection to 500,000 customers across the globe, contact us.

06.01.20: Customer, Now. Episode 06: The Widening Empathy Gap

People are experiencing the same thing very differently

05.21.20: Customer, Now. Episode 05: Guilt in Everything

hg0088现金注册Truth is, guilt isn’t entirely successful at keeping us in check

05.14.20: Customer, Now. Episode 04: We Before Me

Tapping into customers’ imagination, creativity and perspective

04.16.20: Customer, Now. Episode 03: Survival of the Simplest

hg0088现金注册Winning brands focusing on what’s essential, now

04.07.20: Customer, Now. Episode 02: The Opposite is Also True

Discover why consumers binary thinking is making heroes and villains out of brands

07.13.20: InterbrandHealth - Learnings from COVID-19

As lockdowns have started to ease around the world, we asked physicians about the opportunities and challenges they see around returning to regular practice.


05.19.20: Sports and the Shifting Playing Field

With the traditional sports experience interrupted for the foreseeable future, how are brands responding?




04.17.20: Every Company is a Health Company Now

A brand’s impact on population health transcends the physical dimensions within which its business lives. Whether a B2B property management company, a media company, or even an online ticket distributor, all brands have a role to play and must be conscious, proactive, and transparent about their public health footprint

04.15.20: Relationships Matter

Subscription Impact Report: COVID-19 Edition

Our partners at Zuora share findings from their latest report

03.25.20: Customer, Now. Episode 01: Grocery: The 4th Emergency Service

Brands on the front line

03.20.20: Going Steady

hg0088现金注册The power of recurring revenue to weather a storm

03.18.20: Meet the Preppers

hg0088现金注册When a niche survivalist behavior goes mainstream

03.09.20: The Proximity Problem

The unexpected human consequences of total data transparency

New intelligence on shifting behavior