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Realtor alert -Paying too much tax?


If your businesses net income is greater than $30,000 per year, we can show you how to save $3,000 or more in taxes for each tax year! Do not wait and pay more than you should. Contact us for details!


Tax issues solved-Affordable tax resolution


Don’t call the IRS, state or any high price tax “fix-it” company without talking to us first. We can help with a price you can afford! Missing tax years, tax liens, threatening IRS letters, back taxes; we can help with all these and more. Often these issues can be resolved on your initial visit. If you have any of these tax issues, they won’t go away on their own, only get worst! Contact us right away!


Real Estate investment clients


If you have current real estate investment clients (owners) or want to increase your real estate investment clients, we need to talk!

Our “Real Estate 1031 Exchange System” will show you how to reach out to potential clients and show your current investment property owners how they can increase their wealth with the addition of tax benefits from the deferred exchanges.


Tax tips for your business


Every newsletter contains essential tax topics important to review when planning your tax strategy for the year. Below is a high level list of the most common business deductions which we cover in detail in upcoming newsletters. Please contact us if you have any question or need more details.


ü  Expenses for Accounting, Bookkeeping, Taxes and tax advice


ü  Advertising and Marketing Expenses


ü  Reference and Marketing Expenses


ü  Use of your Car/Truck for Business Purposes


ü  Insurance Expenses


ü  Interest on business Debts


ü  Legal and Professional Fees


ü  Business Travel and Entertainment Expenses


ü  Office Supplies and Materials


ü  Tax Expenses

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