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Business related expenses:Business Profits

These are expenses you incur in the course of running your business. In most cases they can reduce you taxable business income and therefor reduce you tax. It is important to take advantage of all your business deductions, these can vary from advertising to vehicle expense- we can explain and help!


Vehicle Expenses:

The expense is singled out because there are special rules and requirement to be considered when taking vehicle expenses. There are rules for taking standard expense vs. taking actual expenses. Also the type of depreciation deduction will vary depending on the expensing method you use-we can explain and help!


Depreciation deduction:

Certain business tools and equipment cannot be deducted in one year, they must be deducted over a number of years, and this is known as depreciation. The rules for deprecation can be complex and will vary depending on cost, life of the asset and when placed in service-we can explain and help!


Office in home deduction:

The rules for deducting an office your home are very strict, but some individuals do qualify-we can explain and help!


Tax Package: Business

  • Review of previously filed tax returns for new client only
  • Projection of this years taxes
  • Meetings throughout the year (2 meeting in May through December, 1 in January through April)
  • Filing of this years taxes
  • $350 upfront or $100 a meeting


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