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Tax Season has officially started!

Similar to the surge of political ads before an election, many have noticed an uptick in the number of tax preparation ads that have been on TV, the radio, in the mail and of course on the internet.   Tax season has officially begun.

While taxes can be mailed in starting January 1, most people will have their taxes e-filed, and that truly opened on the 31rst of January this year.  Usually its earlier by about a week to 10 days; this year it started later due to that government shutdown last year.  Most people will have their taxes prepared in mid-late February or the first two weeks of April.

April 15th falls on a tuesday this year, so there will be no natural extensions due to the weekend or an observed holiday.  While most returns are due then, various state returns have different due dates, some 5 days later, some a month or more.

And some people never file their taxes.  The problem with this is they are either not paying their taxes and will get hit with penalties and fines, or they are missing out on their refunds.   The IRS can always review and audit unfiled tax years of a person,  while a filed tax return can only be review with in a few years with out probably cause.  So file your taxes.


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